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Company Culture

 Aoran’S Culture

Values are the soul and spirit of an enterprise, and are the pillars in constructing its competitive advantages and steady development, supporting the enterprise in winning customers and the future.

Being the core of Aoran Culture, values are not only the common faith of employees, but also the commitment and practice of all  Aoran people. Aoran strives to establish the values of "Knowledge and Action Combined" and to facilitate its embodiment in the employees' ideas and actions, thus forming a spiritual force to be deeply rooted in corporate cohesion, competitiveness and vitality.

Inspired by the values, we hope that the correct attitude of handling affairs is cherished by every employee, pooling our strengths together for progress. We also hope that employees communicate our values to customers by their words and actions, so that customers can experience Aoran's consistent brand image and that the Company can make self-improvement during services.

   Aoran’s Core Values

•  Become a person with faith and integrity is of prime importance
•  Always respect others; and trust team power
•  Customers are most important to us, and they deserve our best services.
•  Be serious towards our work, and show willingness to take up responsibility

A combination of the initials of these words -- Faith, Integrity, Responsibility, Service, and Team, “FIRST” describes Aoran's core values.  Among which we take “ ”Good Faith” In Englishas the most important asset of our philosophy .



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