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Aoran company  welcomes your inquiry on custom-made LCD glasses and LCD modules. We have a very strong capacity in customization and customer satisfaction therewith. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not charge extra on custom-made LCD products, since customization does not increase our production cost a lot. We now offer FREE TOOLING in most projects (contact us for details). You will usually get our response within 24-48 hours (except weekends and holidays). Here are different ways to get started on customization.
  • If you are in the early stages of your project, or do not have previous experience in LCD, don't worry.Simply contact us for direct help


  • If you know what you need, and would like to get a quotation, you can download one of the custom-design forms below, fill it out and send it back to us..


  • If you already have detailed specifications or a sketch/drawing,this is the most easy step to start .just email us the drawing ! we take over all the works therewith


                  Custom made LCD sheet  Download: ( in Doc)    (in PDF )

please download the file & fill it up email or fax to us !



Custom made LCM sheet Download: ( in Doc)    (in PDF )

please download the file & fill it up email or fax to us !


Thank you very much for your close cooperations ,cheers !






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